How to Walk Maui’s Largest Labyrinth

by | Sep 4, 2022 | Earth, West Maui

See how to best enjoy Maui’s largest labyrinth in Kapalua. Cover photo by

A maze is one thing…a labyrinth is quite another. With one way in and one way out, this serpentine path is made with the intention to free yourself from worry and just walk.

A Path with a Past

These spiritually-based spirals, like the Maui labyrinth at Makāluapuna Point in Kapalua, have been used since ancient times as tools of reflection, relaxation and contemplation. Some even consider them opportunities for walking meditation! And in case you’re curious (we always are! ), the white coral creation seen in our video remains Maui’s largest labyrinth, made by an anonymous builder in 2005 as a peace project, according to Lāhainā News.

Finding Maui’s Largest Labyrinth

This beautiful sight comes with the bonus of an ocean view along the Dragon’s Teeth trail, named for its dramatic volcanic spires that front the Pacific. It’s about 10 minutes from The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, or you can park at the end of Lower Honoapi‘liani Highway. Walk around the edge of the golf course to hit the trail, and within minutes you’ll see a circular pattern on the ground made of white coral.

This Pattern Has Purpose

Any labyrinth takes time to structure and is done so mindfully. It’s often meant to represent the journey of life and the many turns we take along the way; the changes in direction, transitions and progress. Here are some tips to get the most out of this Maui moment.

How to Experience this Maui Labyrinth

  1. BEFORE YOU WALK: Consider an important question, prayer or image prior to stepping into a labyrinth.
  2. AS YOU WALK IN: Give it thought and be intentional. While you walk, clear your mind and simply follow the path, concentrate on the journey and put focus into your steps.
  3. AT THE CENTER: Once you’ve reached the middle of the labyrinth, you can sit or stand, close your eyes if you like, and breathe deeply.
  4. AS YOU WALK OUT: As you walk back, reintroduce that initial question, prayer or image. Set that focal point in your mind again and check in on how you’re feeling.
  5. AFTER YOU WALK: Later on, it’s often nice to talk with loved ones or journal on your own to process what it all meant to you.

Find Your Way

Kapalua maui labyrinth
Maui’s largest labyrinth in Kapalua is made from pieces of white coral.

Whether you’re a local or visitor, we encourage you to take some time to walk the Kapalua labyrinth. The trail is short (though good shoes never hurt since there’s lava) and it’s a neat activity that doesn’t take long but can bring some peace to your day, and maybe even some inspiration to your life!

So make the experience your own and we wish you well on your journey! #MauiInspired