Meet the Awesome Maui Inspired Team

Maui Inspired Shoot 7-14-22-815
Kiaora Bohlool

Kiaora Bohlool

Content Director

“What you seek is seeking you.” -Rumi

Kiaora Bohlool is a writer, a broadcaster and a creator. Originally from upcountry Maui, she spent 18 years in the news and television industry on the mainland, then happily called the Valley Isle home again in 2015. She served as dining editor/video manager on Maui before launching a production/P.R. company called Maui Video & Marketing in 2019, working with a range of businesses. Maui Inspired existed on paper for about 15 years before she turned the creative concept into reality. With a passion for the outdoors, wellness and supporting local, she was inspired to tell stories her own way, share #InformationWithInspiration and showcase all that she loves about this special and significant place.

Three things that inspire Kiaora:
1) Nature in so many forms & the ocean, forever
2) Laughter & goofiness, especially with her kid
3) Dancing, never professionally & always for fun

Kimberly Javier

Kimberly Javier

Creative Director

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

Kimberly Javier understands the heart of Maui Inspired. As Creative Director, she keeps our brand on-point and true to its roots of fostering awareness and respect for Maui. She creates content, guides our aesthetic identity and keeps the storytelling aspect of our platform strong. Kimberly has extensive life and work experience in many realms, including resort hospitality, the spa industry, property management and entrepreneurship. She is a local wife and mother of two who has been passionate about Maui Inspired from the very beginning as a resource for #whattodo, #wheretogo and #howtoknow about everything Maui has to offer, providing ideas and inspiration to stay active in the community as individuals and ‘ohana.

Three things that inspire Kimberly are:
1) Her ever-evolving garden (“It gives so much back to me and my ‘ohana.” 🪴)
2) Cooking (“Cuz I love FOOD!”)
3) Creating (“Nothing like being in the zone while working with my hands.”🧘🏻‍♀️)

Kristy Ford

Kristy Ford

Outreach Director

“The goal isnʻt to be perfect, but to be authentic!” -Iyanla Vanzant

Kristy Ford helps us connect, communicate and collaborate with our community. As Outreach Director, she brings her years of experience with web, sales and social media marketing to help Maui Inspired stay organized and intentional when sharing our stories. Kristy enjoys meeting new people, gathers content like a pro and loves finding creative ways to strengthen local businesses and nonprofits. She has a huge heart for this island, and was inspired to join our platform because of the uplifting ways it brings people together, fosters awareness and supports Maui.

Three things that inspire Kristy:
1) Food. She considers eating a passion!
2) Fitness. She makes time to work out, keep active and stay motivated.
3) Fun. She understands the power of positive energy, is often seen with a smile and surrounds herself with friends that keep her laughing!

Pito Javier

Pito Javier

Content Creator

“Silence is the language of God. Everything else is bad translation.” -Rumi

If this is true, then Pito Javier has his heart set on being the best “bad translator” he can be! And to that end, he found the perfect instrument in Maui Inspired. A Maui boy with deep roots and a passion for writing, he has experience as a local entertainer, songwriter, radio personality, and firefighter, all of which led him here. He knows, as does the world, that Maui is a unique wonder. It has a quality, a resonance, all its own. It calls to us, as if it has something vital to say. We all feel it, but can’t quite put our fingers on it. For him, Maui Inspired is his attempt at cracking this code that is the Maui Vibe. And he plans to have fun doing it.

Three things that inspire Pito:
1) Beautiful views… of nature, of space, and of Maui Inspired’s Creative Director (see above)
2) Kids, his own and every other… (“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.” -Wess Stafford)
3) Jannabi… in his humble opinion, the best and most inspiring band in the history of bands (okay, maybe not so humble)

Travis Morrin

Travis Morrin

Business Advisor/Photographer

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

Travis Morrin is a Maui photographer, entrepreneur and dreamer. He loves traveling and capturing the world as he experiences it. His hobbies also include cooking, surfing & hiking. As a respected Maui business leader and true visionary, Travis provides exceptional guidance as part of the Maui Inspired tribe, keeping our goals clearly defined, our team on track and our brand primed for success. He also shares his incredible eye and talent for photography, manifesting the magic of Maui through his awe-inspiring images.

Travis grew up on Maui with a deep love and respect for our island. He feels Maui Inspired will help cultivate those same feelings in locals and visitors alike through education, information, storytelling and beautiful imagery. He says, “I was stoked to team up with Kiaora and company to help accomplish this mission.”

Three things that inspire Travis:
1) Building new businesses that serve his island community.
2) Hiking new places, plus watching the sun rise and set in new lands.
3) Travel-photography, capturing exciting new experiences through his lens.

Peter Liu

Peter Liu

Web/IT Consultant

“Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.” -John C. Maxwell

Peter Liu is a veteran of more than 40 years in the computer industry, where he has extensive experience in a variety of disciplines. He manages this website among others and handles any IT needs the team might have.

Peter moved to Maui from the Silicon Valley with his wife and two cats in 2006 and has been a part of the local community ever since.

A serious SCUBA diver since the mid-90’s, you can usually find Peter immersed deep within a span of ocean off the Maui shores or somewhere else on the planet when he’s is not immersed in bit and bytes.

Three things that inspire Peter:
1) The ocean
2) Music
3) Learning new things