Staying Present AF on Your Maui Visit

by | Nov 26, 2022 | Awareness, West Maui

Cruise Maui from above and see some stunning sights on our helicopter trip with Go Fly Maui

Welcome to Maui!! 

This is the last time you’ll visit.

Of course, I don’t know if that’s true or not. Technically speaking, this really is the last time you’ll visit Maui. Until, of course, the next time you visit Maui. But there will be a final time, and who’s to say this isn’t it?

Now this is not the gloomy thought it might at first seem. I n fact, it highlights a beautiful truth. Sam Harris puts it nicely:

“Knowing that there will come a time when you do something – indeed, all things– for the last time, lends a poignancy to everything. We do everything a finite number of times. And yet we tend to take even beautiful things for granted, not knowing that there will come a time when you do something for a final time, and you will rarely know when that is.”

We like to savor every moment we can, especially when we get to do amazing things like ride in helicopters with Go Fly Maui!! Check out our video above for some quick inspiration.

Make this Maui Visit Matter

Full circle rainbow above Kapalua Maui
Full-circle moments above Kapalua with Go Fly Maui. Photo by Travis Morrin

So this is simply a gentle reminder to pay closer attention to each Maui moment, big and small.

Savor each lei greeting, shaka and “mahalo” that you receive. 

Relish that initial shock of jumping into the ocean.

See every single sunset for what it is: a reminder that the Creator really thinks things through.

Appreciate each time you meet a fellow traveler or taste a new dish or hear birdsong you’ve never heard before.

Take that extra heartbeat to notice how precious these moments are.

For that matter, pay special attention to even those moments that don’t usually feel very precious at all. Being stuck in traffic on the way to Lāhainā may not be your idea of island fun, but really, how often have you been sandwiched like that between the Pacific Ocean on one side and rainbow-filled valleys on the other?

And more importantly, will you ever be stuck like this again?

The same question could be asked while in line for your rental car or in line at the hotel desk or in line at the souvenir shop. It could be asked when you’re “hangry” at the beach after forgetting to bring snacks and in a myriad other seemingly uninspiring moments. 

Life is Short, Maui is Special

Honokahau Falls on Maui
Honokahau Falls on Maui, from the air with Go Fly Maui. Photo by Travis Morrin

You see, even the most mundane and seemingly dull things will one day have been done for the last time. And when looking at each Maui moment through that lens, they can all perhaps feel as precious as that sunset.

Because one day, you’ll find yourself regaling your friends with tales of that amazing trip to Maui, about breaching whales and tropical gardens and all the rest.  But imagine, while speaking with fondness about that first divine taste of shave ice, silently recalling how surprisingly content you felt while simply standing in line for it. #MauiAwareness #MauiInspired